DIY Aquarium Background
Vertical Rock
Following a 30 day tap water rinse, the necessary biological cycling process has been started with the addition of gravel, a few natural rocks, some floating Hornwart plant and a few fancy guppies.

In about two weeks, when the cycling is complete and nitrite levels are down to 0, it will be safe to add more variety of tropical fish.
Natural freshwater plants have been added to complement the rocky backdrop.

A strategically placed airstone behind the background aerates this aquatic landscape as well as encourages water movement through the hidden hardware compartment to help circulate both filtered and heated water.

Over the course of the first month of operation, PH levels in the aquarium will gradually settle down closer to 7.0.

If desired, PH buffering products can be used to lower PH levels more quickly, but it may not be necessary.
This short video shows a royal blue colored Veil tail Betta enjoying the current from the hidden filter.

There are large areas in the aquarium with less water movement, but he seemed to be enjoying the vigorous swim thru the current.
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This 20 gallon long background illustrates many of the same techniques used to create more ambitious designs. Not including cure time, this project collectively took about 6 hours to complete. This was a fun weekend project.

here for step-by-step instructions on how this background was built.
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