CFL Plant Light Made from a Breadpan

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This do-it-yourself compact fluorescent fixture was made from an aluminium bread pan and hardware store parts.

Parts List:
9x5" aluminium bread pan
Lamp threaded shaft and brass fitting
Ceramic bulb socket
Electric switch
Electric twist caps
Rubber grommets - for power cord hole
6' extension cord
GE brand "Daylight" 6500k compact fluorescent bulb
Metallic and black spraypaints (not shown)

A 2x4 was used to support the pan sides during the drilling process.

The hole shown will be the mounting point for the bulb socket. A drill bit designed for metal was used. Traditional wood drill bits might cut, but won't make a clean hole.

Five cooling vent holes are drilled across the length of the pan.

Additional holes for power cord and electrical switch are drilled on the right.
The five holes in a row are to vent heat. The group of two holes are for the power cord and switch. The single hole on the end will be used to mount the ceremic light socket.
Fast drying flat black paint was used for the exterior of the light fixture.

Highly reflective chrome enamel paint was used on the intererior.
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