CFL Plant Light Made from a Breadpan

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This photo shows the ceramic socket, power cord and switch installed. The lamp produces minimal heat, so the socket could have been plastic, but I the choose the type of socket due to the bendable mounting piece.

This allowed positioning of the socket to compensate for the angle of the side of the pan. The reflective chrome paint is also shown.
External view of the power cord and black switch. The cord was made from a six foot extension cord with the female end spliced off.

The brass lamp fitting is also visible which is attached to the threaded shaft which holds the bulb socket in place.
A 26 watt (100 watt equivalent) compact fluorescent bulb has been installed.

This is a 6500k GE brand bulb cost about $6.00 at a discount store in Kansas City.

Heat is not an issue with these bulbs. The fixture is only warm to the touch even after an hour of operation.

Let there be light!
This 29 gallon can easily become a fully planted tank with this much wattage.

A lower wattage bulb could also be used if preferred. The single point of light as compared to a traditional light strip also provides the effect of shimmering sunlight throughout the aquarium.
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