Striplight Conversion to CFL for Aquatic Plants

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This standard aquarium strip light is being converted to use the curly style compact fluorescent bulbs for better light output and for the long term cost savings over the high performance aquarium bulbs you find at your local pet store.

Parts List:
- Standard aquarium striplight fixture
- Twin Incandescent Fixture (Double Light Socket)

- GE brand "Daylight" 6500k compact fluorescent bulbs

- Electric twist caps or nylon crimp caps
- Aluminum foil
- Clear tape

Make sure the fixture is unplugged. Remove the old bulb and unscrew the philips head screws holding the white reflector plate in place.

Lift out the white plastic reflector plate to expose the power transformer and wires.

Unscrew the twist caps from the existing power cord. The twist caps may be used again if they're in good shape.

Use a pair of wire cutters to cut any remaining wires securing the plastic reflector plate to the black fixture cover.

Even though the fixture is unplugged, it's possible for the transformer to store a small amount of electricity. Try to avoid letting the transformer wires short during removal.
Remove the old power switch, but keep the plastic nut.

The double light sockets sold at the link in the parts list don't ship with a mounting nut, so we'll use the old one.
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