Hanging Pendant
Aquarium Plant Lights

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When the paint is good and dry, remove the paper towel pieces from the holes with a twisting motion.

Our pair of soup cans soon to be hanging pendant lights are ready for some hardware.

Snip the multiple female connector ends from the 12' extension cords using any tool designed for cutting wire.

The flat blade section of a basic wire stripping tool was used here.
Thread each extension cord with one hex nut and steel nipple.

It's important this simple step is done before inserting the wires thru the holes drilled in the cans.
To ease connection of the extension cord wires to the porcelain fixture sockets, you may find it easier to temporarily unscrew the threaded mounting bracket from the back of the socket.

This can be done by carefully unscrewing the small screw inside the socket.

This view shows the threaded mounting bracket separated from the porcelain fixture socket.

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